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Three experienced facilitators

In Shared Oneness is a unique union of three experienced facilitators that are Consciousness educators.
Angelique Jan Pera, Mary Saint-Marie and Edward Maesen are available for multi-day retreats in the sacred sanctuary and activating beauty of Mt Shasta.

We are here as spiritual WayShowers, educators, and creators of a supportive, conducive environment, so you may realize your true nature, your Spiritual Identity, and move beyond beliefs and fears.
You will find, appreciate and embrace your uniqueness of embodied expression.
You will have the time, space, experiences and teachings available to help you access the radiant Source living within and all around you.
This is an opportunity to participate in further awakening to your True Presence.

Customized retreats for individuals, couples, families and groups are available and invited

Angelique Jan Pera
portrait AngeliqueAngelique is a licensed psycho-spiritual therapist in San Francisco and Mount Shasta. She has been assisting individuals, couples, families and groups to express their Unique Passionate Self as an aspect of the Whole. She has been practicing in private sessions, workshops and retreats in the USA, Europe and Mexico since 1979.

Mary Saint-Marie
portrait MaryMary is a mystic artist/poet/sculptress, initiatress, spiritual educator and author. She inspires, catalyzes and initiates others nationally and internationally since 1988 to come into an awareness of the Presence of Oneness. She helps ones to birth and land their inner vision and calling that they might know the ‘mystical as the practical’.

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Edward Maesen
portrait EdwardEdward is a physicist, spiritual educator and ceremonialist. He has assisted people since 1992 to live in Harmony, through the sensing realm of vibrational attunements. That is the intentional ceremonial use of sound with acoustic instruments and voice to create an environment that serves as a celestial initiation and a catalyst for healing, understanding and gratitude in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Self: ‘Sound Ceremony as Celestial Initiation’.

Mary, Angelique and Edward at the retreat location
Mary, Angelique and Edward at the retreat location in Mount Shasta

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For more information, registration and requests please email:
or call Angelique at 415-706-9320

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