In Shared Oneness Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreats

In Shared Oneness - About our Offerings

Responding to the Now

art: landscape's ancient call
Landscape's Ancient Call by Mary Saint-Marie

Our retreats are fluid in nature, responding to the Now.
There is spontaneous use of a multitude of available offerings, all aimed at achieving shifts of consciousness. They help you get in touch with your unique life’s meaning and purpose and empower you to manifest what you most passionately desire.
The passion that comes from your desire is what fuels the realization of your visions and divine inspirations.

The retreat facilitators bring together a variety of perspectives and healing techniques.
For each retreat, depending on the individuals present, offerings are selected and provided that are most conducive to the participants’ emotional healing and spiritual growth.
We address all levels of being: psychological, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural.

General retreat offerings:

We are on a journey
From the stars unto the stones
From the sky unto the earth

We are on this journey

We are the formless into form

Below is a meditative video (17:33 minutes) with inspired Soul Sounding by Mary, Angelique and Edward, accompanied by photographs of Mt Shasta taken by Edward.

Open to your wholeness. It already Is.
Open to change brought by the Changeless One…
Open to Divine life, living as your "life".

Specific retreat offerings per facilitator:

Angelique's offerings:

Angelique and Edward in session together
Angelique and Edward in session together

Mary's offerings:

Edward's offerings:

Edward playing didgeridoo
Edward playing didgeridoo in nature
  • Sound Ceremony as Celestial Initiation
  • Primal Songs
  • Sound Vibrational Attunement
  • Transmutational Touch
  • Life as Ceremony
  • Consciousness Explorations
  • Explorations in Nature
  • Personalized recordings of primal songs

Individual sessions outside retreat setting

Angelique, Mary and Edward are available for individual sessions, in person or by phone.
Angelique and Edward together offer "psycho-spiritual sound-vibrational healing" sessions and personalized recordings.